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My name is Julen Larrucea and I am a proactive as I am versatile. This is why I made this site, as a personal "catalog".
I worked on on the field of quantum chemistry for many years. I developed projects on different areas, such as Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics or Nanotechnology. I have an H-index of 7, which is not bad given my number of publications and the fact that I am single author in some of them. Here is a picture of one of the amino acids I studied during my PhD study.
People often speculate around my origin, and say funny things like that I look Finnish, I have an Irish accent or that I am definitely Dutch. Well... Sorry to disappoint you all, but Nope! I am neither of those.
I am basque, which means that I come originally from the Basque Country. Check out he picture or visit the Wikipedia article for more information.


Here are some of the roles y play:


Some of the topics include: Toxicity of Aluminum, Fase-Change material prototypes, Bismuth nanoparticles or biomimetic magnetic thin layers. Multiple self driven international collaborations.


After so many years programming stuff about molecules and running big jobs in some of the biggest supercomputers, well... the computer skills become something natural. Add to the mixture an extra "geek" factor, and you get yourself a Linux/Open-Source specialist :)


I did plenty of programming during my scientific career, mostly for data analysis and post-processing and I also participated actively in Open-Source communities. But once I switched to IT, I met the real "Pro"s, and I got to learn about real programming. I'm proud of creating BOMSI, a unique OpenStack installer, and joined the core-team of OpenStack (training-labs).


In many universities teaching is mandatory for researchers. For some reason, I was never required to teach anything, but I chose to do it voluntarily. I have taught Physics to 1st year physicist and Programming to engineers. And of course... tons of talks in conferences.


I was born bilingual, but then I went to Finland, into scientific writing, ... and then to Germany. I used to be quite into linguistics too and I have done plenty of translation jobs, including software. For example a big part of Avogadro.

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